Lean manufacturing system for kaizen process - Tube and Bracket Leantek

The Tube & Bracket company provides lean manufacturing solutions used within the Kaizen continuous improvement process.

From production lines to order picking environments, for Kanban and first-in-first-out stock management systems, the tubular system is recognised worldwide as the ideal tool for successfully introducing any lean manufacturing policy. Applications include carts, trolleys, ergonomic workstations, notice boards and shelving units. Applications are matched exactly to production needs and are constructed quickly and inexpensively.

Using the LeanTek system, The Tube & Bracket Company helps businesses to optimise workspace and achieve continuous process improvement. The systematic use of LeanTek acts as a catalyst for waste reduction, and as a tool for implementing Kaizen attitudes of continuous improvement.

The Tube & Bracket company is the UK's leading designer and supplier of tubular systems, advising and supporting companies committed to Lean Manufacturing. With vast experience installing bespoke solutions across a wide range of industries, we offer a suite of services designed to help you make best use of LeanTek equipment as part of a total operational solution.

Download our technical manual now to find out how we can help you on your continuous improvement journey, or call to speak to one of our experienced team.